WordPress Pretty Permalinks Not Working on Nitrous.io

I’ve recently moved back to working on the cloud IDE Nitrous, after a bit of a break where I’ve tried working on Koding.com (the DB server kept going down, and the IDE was a bit flakey), and Cloud9, and had a bit of a nightmare with getting pretty permalinks working in WordPress.

I’ve come across the easy, and very obvious fix for them. Well, very obvious once you realise what is actually wrong. Which is always the way isn’t it.

Anyway, if you’re reading this I assume it’s because the typical WordPress URLs e.g. example.com?p=321 work fine straight out of the box on Nitrous, but when you switch them on to be example.com/this-is-my-post then you’ll find it throws an error (a server error and NOT a WordPress error) or that URL could not be found on this server (or words to that effect).

After entering the first line on my WordPress .htaccess file as:


And seeing it doesn’t throw an error, this helped me narrow down the root of the problem by realising that the htaccess file was not being parsed.

Backtracking, I followed the path up to:


Opened it up (as sudo) in Nano and located the line:

<Directory /var/www>
AllowOverride All

In the default installation, this was set to None, by changing this setting to All, it enables the .htaccess files in sub directories to be parsed.

This should – hopefully – work for you.

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