What does an Ecommerce Analyst actually do?

As an Ecommerce Analyst the primary goal is to asses how a website performs, providing insight and recommendations on how KPIs can be improved. Typically KPIs are: acquire more traffic, increase conversion, increase AOV, increase revenue.

To achieve this, I concern myself with four key areas of a client site.

Acquisition & Quality of Traffic

Interrogating Analytics data I assess the quality of traffic acquisition across the site. All referrals are not equal, just as all incoming search keywords are not equal. I build models based on numerous data points to provide actionable insight on which traffic sources to focus on, and how to build effective channel campaigns to maximise ROI.

Analysis of Site Behaviour

Observing how a user engages with the website is key to ensuring the site fulfils a user’s needs, and how the actions they perform fulfil the business needs by completing specified goals, e.g. completing a transaction, signing up to a newsletter etc.

By analysing key engagement metrics including: bounce rate, time on site, pages per session, return visitors and user flow amongst others, I am able to provide deep insight into the attractions and turn-offs of pages and site elements. Producing recommendations on increasing engagement accordingly.

Optimising for Conversion

The correct use and ongoing optimisation of funnels are critical in improving performance. I setup and edit goals and funnels based on the client’s business goals, and then assess how users enter the funnel and where they drop out of the funnel.

Based on this data, I will hypothese what elements serve to push users out of conversion paths, then split test different ways of presenting elements and removing potential barriers, in order to see the effect on the funnels and overall site goals. Every method I use is based in data, and site-wide changes are only pushed live to all traffic once it has been proven with statistical significance that the edit will increase goal conversion.

In short; I test, I measure, I improve.

Technical & Operational Platform Performance

The time it takes for a site to load is critical to the user experience, which in turn is critical to fulfilling business objectives. A user who is not kept waiting is one who is more likely to spend their time and their money on your site. A user who is kept waiting, is one who is likely to head over to one of your competitors.

I have a wealth of experience in optimising the front and back ends of websites to improve technical performance. Through techniques that include: deploying a CDN, introducing heavy-duty caching, minimising and condensing files, and identifying database bottlenecks and processes, I have dramatically decreased load times over a variety of platforms.

In addition, having specified and implemented various business processes that include drop shipping and warehouse integrations, I am able to bring a holistic and technically-rooted approach to ecommerce operations.

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