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Can You Actually Make a Living from UpWork?

Since I’ve been lucky enough to go on a globe trotting tour which saw me settle down in Australia for 6 months without a visa to work here, and since I’ve 8+ years experience as a developer (Magento, Drupal & WordPress), Ecommerce Business Analyst, and certified Google Analytics analyst, I thought I’d try my luck as a “digital nomad” - which seems to be all the rage at the moment. Well, as my time in Australia draws to a close - here’s how I got on…

Identify Duplicate Transactions in Google Analytics

Duplicate transactions can prove themselves to be a royal pain, skew your marketing efforts, and reduce the trustworthiness the whole team have in the data and report from Google Analytics. Whilst it's not the easiest Analytics issue to fix in the world (although absolutely achievable), it is quite easy to find out if your site(s) are impacted by creating the following report.

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