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Magento Price Scope

When I first started working with Magento all those years ago, configuration scope was always the one that tripped me up; make a config change, flush your cache(s), rebuild the indexes (depending on what you're working on) and still no changes - why?! Nine times out of 10 it was down to being at the incorrect scope. 

Scoping is not really a mind-blowing concept, but having talked through how Magento handles it recently a number of times, I thought I'd throw together a quick diagram whilst at the same time re-familiarise myself with the always helpful tool - Lucid Chart.

Magento Scope - Website, Store & Store ViewHaving been - and will always be at heart - a Business Analyst, my graphs are never the most attractive, but should hopefully be informative. I do intend to flesh this article out in time to go into further detail around handling scope in the Magento platform.