Magento 2 Cache Clear


Having recently made the switch from Windows 10 to Mac for my Magento 2 development, I’m finding a whole new world of joyful development tools becoming available to me. Most notably – Valet & as of last night, the incredible Magento Cache Clean.

Magento 2 development without the cache is painful, cleaning the cache is painful even from the CLI tools, so thank god for Magento Cache Clean. It offers a super fast way to clean the cache from the command line (much faster than the Magento command line cache clear method), is incredibly simple to install and use. I would bullet point how to do it, but just hit the Github page linked above, and it couldn’t be an easier walk through. 

Once you’re up and running, it is literally a case of just needing to run vendor/bin/cache-clean.js –watch to start the watcher which clears the appropriate caches as you go, and the only time it requires a restart of the watcher is when a new theme is added; new modules are automatically detected. 

Literally – a game changer. 

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