Update Magento2 Admin Password with SQL


There have been more than enough times where I have set a password for a local environment where I have instantly forgotten what it was, and never had the chance for my password manager to save it for me.  Careless I know. I do not think there is a way that this can be update through bin/magento – as far as I am aware, you can only create a new user (bin/magento admin:user:create and then...

What is a Requirement?


Requirements mean many different things for many different people. The dictionary’s definition of a requirement is one that – I believe – we can all agree on: “A thing that is needed or wanted” That definition is so succinct that it is impossible to disagree with, although I’ve no doubt that some will want to. A person may require a lift, they may require food...

BPMN – Business Process Model and Notation


Overview The logical first step to understanding what BPMN is, and why we need it is to understand what it stands for. BPMN is an acronym for Business Process Model and Notation, which has been maintained by the Object Management Group as a standard since 2005. Knowing what the acronym means, let’s dive into why we use it. What Does it Look Like? What is BPMN BPMN or Business...

Bug Reporting Template


All software produced will have bugs, it just a fact of development, software, life. An identifier of quality software is how few bugs it ships with, an identifier of the quality of the software vendor is how quickly those bugs can be patched. Whilst automated tests should absolutely be a part of every build pipeline, bugs can and will slip through the net. When they do, reporting the bug with...

Magento 2 CLI Install Script


So with a fresh new Magento 2 instance successfully downloaded and sitting happily in a directory, you can choose to either install through the setup Wizard, which is browser based, or you can choose to install via the command line. Perhaps a hangover from many years passed, but I rarely trust browser based installers. All too often they would fail after creating half the DB forcing you to scrub...

Comparing Two Documents to see the Differences


So having recently found myself in a position where I need to compare two contracts, quickly and easily to see the changes / differences between the two, I came across Mergely – which was exactly what I needed.

No sign ups.

No registration.

Literally just copy and paste in your two documents, and the differences are highlighted right there for you. 

Github for code, mergely for documents.

Valet MySQL on a Mac


Whilst I’ve become a huge fan of running Valet for local development – specifically Magento 2 which runs at a pace that doesn’t make me want to claw my eyes out – rather than installing Apache / Nginx, configuring, adding entries in the hosts file etc, I have found it trip me up a few times. A key one of these, is Valet may show mysql@5.7 to be running, but when you try...

Magento 2 Cache Clear


Having recently made the switch from Windows 10 to Mac for my Magento 2 development, I’m finding a whole new world of joyful development tools becoming available to me. Most notably – Valet & as of last night, the incredible Magento Cache Clean. Magento 2 development without the cache is painful, cleaning the cache is painful even from the CLI tools, so thank god for Magento Cache...

Magento Price Scope


When I first started working with Magento all those years ago, configuration scope was always the one that tripped me up; make a config change, flush your cache(s), rebuild the indexes (depending on what you’re working on) and still no changes – why?! Nine times out of 10 it was down to being at the incorrect scope.  Scoping is not really a mind-blowing concept, but having talked...

Identify Duplicate Transactions in Google Analytics


Duplicate transactions can prove themselves to be a royal pain, skew your marketing efforts, and reduce the trustworthiness the whole team have in the data and report from Google Analytics. Whilst it’s not the easiest Analytics issue to fix in the world (although absolutely achievable), it is quite easy to find out if your site(s) are impacted by creating the following report. Go to...