Magento 2 CLI Install Script


So with a fresh new Magento 2 instance successfully downloaded and sitting happily in a directory, you can choose to either install through the setup Wizard, which is browser based, or you can choose to install via the command line. Perhaps a hangover from many years passed, but I rarely trust browser based installers. All too often they would fail after creating half the DB forcing you to scrub...

Comparing Two Documents to see the Differences


So having recently found myself in a position where I need to compare two contracts, quickly and easily to see the changes / differences between the two, I came across Mergely – which was exactly what I needed.

No sign ups.

No registration.

Literally just copy and paste in your two documents, and the differences are highlighted right there for you. 

Github for code, mergely for documents.

Valet MySQL on a Mac


Whilst I’ve become a huge fan of running Valet for local development – specifically Magento 2 which runs at a pace that doesn’t make me want to claw my eyes out – rather than installing Apache / Nginx, configuring, adding entries in the hosts file etc, I have found it trip me up a few times. A key one of these, is Valet may show mysql@5.7 to be running, but when you try...



Brochureware refers to a series of web pages / website that exists to present company printed collateral / marketing materials in a digital format. Typically very simple and non-interactive websites. 



CATWOE is an acronym for Clients, Actors, Transformation, Weltanschauung / Worldview, Owner, Environment, and is essentially a process that business analysts follow when understanding business goals, problems, and identifying solutions. 

Actors in UML


In UML the term Actor refers to a human user or an external system that interacts with a particular part of a system; ultimately an entity that produces or consumes data.

Business Activity Model (BAM)


BAM is an acronym for Business Activity Model, which is a conceptual model that shows what the business / organisation is doing. The steps in a BAM are: Planning Activity > Enabling Activity > Doing Activity > Monitoring Activity > Controlling Activity.



RACI is an acronym for a responsibility matrix used to identify a role’s input into specific tasks – Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed. Sometimes it can be RASCI where the S is for Supportive.