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Technical Business Analyst

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/Who Am I

Hello, I am Matt Rhys-Davies, a London based Technical Business Analyst, with a skillset tailored towards CMS and Ecommerce projects.

I’ve experience working in a variety of eco-systems and platforms with: requirements gathering, scoping, defining, and implementing solutions both for content and transactional sites.

With full understanding of the functional and non-functional requirements that a technology project demands, my experience as a certified Google Analytics Practitioner assists in driving business decisions and priorities towards the goal of delivering value.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

- Sir Arthur C. Clarke -


/What I do

I help companies optimise their ecommerce and digital offering; whether it is the assessment and modification of existing ecosystems, or executing a full re-platform and migration, I bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Technical Architecture

Possessing an accomplished background in both development and ecommerce business analysis, I am effective and efficient in planning, executing and maintaining complex technical architectures across a wide range of verticals.

Web Replatforms

The decision to replatform is never an easy one to take, but is sometimes necessary. I am experienced in designing, delivering and migrating full replatform projects including: content migration, customer records, order history and SKU data. Whilst ensuring marketing activity and operations are not adversely impacted.

Performance Analysis

Assessing all channels of acquisition and customer journeys, I am adept at assessing the intent of the user (content consumption, data acquisition, transaction) and through an iterative approach, demonstrating measurable website and business performance.


7Years of Experience
23Projects Delivered
20000Lines of Code


/My entire career

May 4

BTEC, Media Production

Oxford College

This two year BTEC National Diploma provided we with a theoretical, conceptual and practical grounding in the global methods of media production and broadcast.

BA, New Media & Communications

Leeds University

The 3 year BA (Hons) course in New Media provided me with a solid foundation in media technology practice, including programming concepts & data mining.

Mar 8
Sep 30


Ecommerce Analyst

An experienced ecommerce business analyst; analysing technical systems & data flow, site performance, acquisition and optimising conversion rates.

Head of Technology

Mirum Agency

Leading the technical function of the London office across global blue chip clients; delivering transactional and non-transactional sites on Magento, Drupal and .NET.

Jan 11
Aug 8

Ecommerce Business Analyst

BBC WorldWide

Working across the ecommerce business unit to deliver responsive transactional sites for the US, Australia and the UK.


Handpicked Collection

Devising and implementing the Magento ecosystem, including: deployment flow (Jenkins & Capistrano), payment gateways, and a bespoke warehouse integration to manage customer-selected delivery dates.

Aug 3
Aug 3

Ecommerce Manager

Handpicked Collection

Managing all digital channels - SEO, PPC, Affiliates, Email Marketing - and delivery YoY growth, in addition to incorporating a newly acquired company into the ecommerce ecosystem.

Ecommerce Manager


Managing all digital marketing channels delivering 250% YoY growth, and project managing the integration of a new warehouse to fulfill all website generated B2C orders.

Aug 3
Aug 3

Content Manager


Defining and developing the content and social media strategy for the UK site; sourcing and integrating 750,000 words of unique content site-wide.





/Ecommerce & Analysis Articles

Business Analysis
Feb 14

What does an Ecommerce Analyst actually do?

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Feb 4

Drupal Requires FTP Permissions to Install Theme or Module

On a fresh install of Drupal 7 (I also encountered it in Drupal 8), you may find everything goes smoothly until you want to install a theme or module from…

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Installing Drupal on Nitrous Cloud IDE

Having recently discovered the true magic of developing in the cloud with Nitrous, and also finding myself espousing the wonders of Drupal for hours in the pub last night, I…

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Jan 15
Jan 31

Installing Magento on Nitrous

This is more of a note to self for the next installation of Magento. On installing Magento on, after file permissions are set, the error message "The mcrypt extension…

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How to Turn Magento Error Reporting On

Seeing what errors are being thrown is a vital part of developing, this rings especially true in Magento. Make sure the following is only done in your development or staging…

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Dec 27
Mar 3

Getting Error When Trying to Change Mode in Magento2

If can't set developer mode as keep getting error, run: php bin/magento list Which will then give a more descriptive message. In my case the resolution was enabling write access…

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Programmatically Get Version of Magento2

Magento2 appears to have removed the VERSION constant in: MagentoFrameworkAppInterface::Version The approved way of programmatically getting the version value is: MagentoFrameworkAppProductMetadata::getVersion()

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Feb 13
Web Technology
Jan 15

Developing in the cloud with Nitrous

I have discovered the future of development and it is staggeringly beautiful. Perhaps more so in theory and practicality than aesthetic beauty, but beauty nonetheless. It is the combination of…

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Jan 28

WordPress Pretty Permalinks Not Working on

I've recently moved back to working on the cloud IDE Nitrous, after a bit of a break where I've tried working on (the DB server kept going down, and…

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WordPress Passing Variables into Template Part

I recently found myself in the position where I needed to pass a variable into a template path within the WordPress loop. The reason for this was that the loop…

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Dec 12


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