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Ecommerce Business Analyst & Google Analytics Analyst

Hello, I'm Matt Rhys-Davies a London based Head of Technology, Google Certified Analyst and Ecommerce Business Analyst with 8+ years experience where I have worn various hats; from development and analysis through to management and delivery.
My key focus is delivering products that provide true value through a combination of informed prioritisation, effective stakeholder management, and efficient delivery.

What I Do

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

Analytics & Tag Manager >>

I've 5+ years experience as a Google Certified Analyst, and 4+ years of defining, implementing and testing custom tagging implementations with Google Tag Manager.

Ecommerce & Digital Business Analysis

Ecommercce & Digital Business Analysis >>

With a deep background in both ecommerce and development, I successfully engineer requirements and translate them into fully formed technical specifications for delivery.


Below are a few posts that I've put together.


Get in Touch

I'm currently available for remote projects. Please get in touch if you have a requirement.